A strong portfolio is the backbone of a sound retirement. When building your portfolio, we take your age, goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and overall investment objectives into consideration. Our goal is to help prevent you from outliving your money, while maintaining your desired standard of living throughout retirement. Due to the impact of inflation, this can sometimes be difficult. Rest assured, we will work diligently to keep your portfolio balanced appropriately for income and growth.

In addition to our comprehensive planning approach, we build investment portfolios that are based upon more than 50 years of academic research firmly rooted in the belief that markets are largely efficient, and that investment returns are determined primarily by asset allocation, not market timing or specific stock selection. We believe that the most trustworthy and objective securities and market research found today exists in academia. Rigorous academic and Nobel Prize-winning theory is the foundation for this approach.

Our investment approach is based upon three fundamental principles:

  • A sound investment strategy is based upon financial science, not potentially biased Wall Street research.
  • Broad diversification within and across asset classes helps to reduce overall portfolio risk for the same expected return and, more importantly, serves to mitigate the risk that has not been rewarded in the long-run.
  • Finally, strategic asset allocation emphasizes exposure to risk that has been demonstrated to be rewarded in the long-run. Effective asset allocation is not based on market timing, sector rotation, or stock picking. This means that we are able to focus on broad groups of stocks that have historically demonstrated higher returns over market cycles, as opposed to a group of stocks that might be in favor right now.

We utilize a three-factor model that offers the framework for portfolio design, analysis, and investment discipline. It helps bring order and clarity to the investment process, isolating and explaining the forces that drive returns in a portfolio. This is done through broad asset class investing, as opposed to a traditional indexing approach. We believe in working with the market and not against it.

*Investments are inherently risky. Investments will fluctuate with changes in market conditions. Consideration should be given to the possible loss or part of all of principal invested. No single investment strategy can ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Diversification helps you spread risk throughout your portfolio, so investments that do poorly may be balanced by others that do relatively better. Neither diversification nor rebalancing can ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

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